Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MySpace Memories

Back when logging on and seeing this was the ultimate.
Remember MySpace? That social network we were all on like crack* before Facebook?

Remember Facebook, that social network we were all on like crack before Twitter?

Twitter Rules. Facebook, not so much. MySpace? I just looked on my page and the last time I was active was over two years ago. Poor old MySpace. What happened to you?

Looking over my profile is like reading a time capsule.

For example, my About Me:

I am a particularly tall girl that has absolutely no clue about how to be comfortable in such a large expanse of human. I will come to your house and totally ignore you by reading all of your books that I cannot resist looking at right there and then. I am also partial to looking in people's pantries (note the 'r'...) to see what they eat. I am particularly fond of learning, academia and universities in general. Although I usually dislike the people that attend them. Especially if they're loud. I'm a huge fan of women that make a difference. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by those who have gone before me to allow me to vote, to be heard and to have a choice: to do what I want, when I want and how I want to do it. I have a love affair with the English language and will go weak at the knees at a beautifully constructed sentence. (or at least be mildly impressed.) I love dresses and vintage jewellery and weekend hideaways and newspapers and antique books, although not necessarily in that order. I've found the kind of love people write volumes of poetry about, and if I had the technicological resources, I'd clone him so you could have it too. I appreciate the fact I can choose between pasta or salad for dinner instead of between damp dirt and bone dust. I'm glad my bed is a bed and not a hessian sack on a muddy floor. I'm glad my water comes in a sterilised bottle and not infected with bacteria that I had to walk four hours to get. I'm glad I live in a democratic country where I can criticise the government if I so choose, and have the freedoms to enjoy my life. I don't eat meat and neither should you. You'd be surprised how most of your food got on your plate, and hopefully horrified. Ignorance sure is bliss. I don't like people that drive with disregard to others, people that talk really loudly in inappropriate areas and people that whine and complain and are generally in a negative frame of mind. YOU control your life, so go do something about what it is you think is so god-awful. The end.

Wow... I had a lot to say! I must have hit my stride two years ago (Oprah would say I started living my authentic life) because I still adhere to all of this.

My heroes were pictures of Fran from Black Books, Marc Jacobs in drag, Michael Jackson and Louis Theroux.

My husband and I started our relationship with the help of MySpace (and MSN Messenger) in 2005. I posted a ridiculous poem I made up about him while I was bored at work. He posted random pictures of Hot Shots movie stills on my wall. I posted videos of A Night at the Roxbury. We quote warred with Super Troopers. We fell in love.

What did you do with MySpace? Did you ever have one? And what was your About Me?

*A million thanks and copyright to Lori


  1. I was a MASSIVE Myspace queen!

    So much so that I created an Australian Myspace page for Mums called 'The Mummy Hideaway'. It had over 2000 members, I was featured in Sunday Life mag and on 9am with David & Kim.

    Ok, that's my brag for the day ;)


  2. I met the love of my life on Myspace also. Holly Homemaker. She is awesome, and she has a nice arse.

  3. I deleted my MySpace account not that long ago, out of embarrassment of lack of use rather than anything else.

  4. I loved Myspace then I found Facebook. I can't access my Myspace anymore as my email was hacked and Myspace failed at changing it.

    The mister and my relationship also started with the help of Myspace :)

  5. i havent been on myspace for a very long time. Might go have a look :)

  6. Oh god, Myspace was everything. I deleted mine about 5 years ago, but funnily enough it totally featured in my courtship with my boyfriend! He would be at uni and I would be at TAFE and we would send each other Myspace messages all day long. And my TAFE had a certain amount of internet time allocated to each student at the beginning of the term, and if you used it up you had to purchase (!) more. I didn't have internet access at home, so I ended up purchasing a crap load at TAFE so we could keep sending Myspace messages. It was so cute. I really wish I still had one of my 'about me' spiels somewhere - I was a particularly lame 23-year-old hahaha

  7. I met Mr G through MySpace - I was on there for a week, met him a week later, and the rest is history!! I guess that makes our wedding a MySpace Wedding! :)